DELTA-DRAIN 2000 Horizontal Drainage


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Delta-Drain is an Affordable, Stand Alone Waterproofing System thats Code Approved and GREEN!
  • Underground Wall Construction
  • Retaining Walls
  • Bridge Abutements
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Layer in Canal Construction
Product Code: DLDR2000
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Horizontal Applications:

The Problem
Without a proper drainage system, water can damage virtually any construction project. An improper waterproofing system that lacks a drainage system can allow hydrostatic pressure to build, making any crack in the foundation an access for water damage.

The Solution
DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 HI-X is a drainage board that provides high compressive strength, excellent drainage capacity, and exceptional long-term performance. DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 HI-X meets the requirements for light commercial applications and shallow depth foundations.


DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 consists of a dimpled, tear resistant drainage core made from a special Polypropylene and a needlepunched, high-strength PP geotextile with excellent filter characteristics. The geotextile is fully bonded to the dimpled drainage core which prevents it from being pushed into the flow channels by the load from adjacent back-fill material
High compressive strength, excellent drainage capacity and exceptional long term performance. DELTA®-DRAIN 2000, the economical drainage board that meets the requirements for light commercial applications and shallow depth foundations.
DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 is an effective drainage system for underground wall construction, retaining walls, bridge abutments, and as hydrostatic pressure relief layer in canal construction. DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 comes in two roll sizes (4'x50' or 6'x50'), making installation of the product fast and easy. Its flat side is installed against the wall surfaces.
Product NameDELTA®-DRAIN 2000
MaterialDrainage-core: virgin Polypropylene

Geotextile: Polypropylene

Dimple height0.39" (10 mm)ASTM D1777-96
Compressive strength11,000 psf (527 kN/m²)ASTM D6364-06
Geotextile grab tensile strength100 lbs (445 N)ASTM D4632-91
Geotextile elongation60%ASTM D4632-91
Geotextile trapezoidal tear45 lbs (200N)ASTM D4533-91
Geotextile puncture strength65 lbs (289 N)ASTM 4833-88
Geotextile mullen burst210 psi (1446 kPa)ASTM D3786
Geotextile apparent opening size (AOS)70 sieve size (0.212 mm)ASTM D4751-99
Geotextile water flow rate140 gal/min/ft² (5703 l/min/m²)ASTM D4491-99
Geotextile weight (typical)4.0 oz/yd² (135 g/m²)ASTM D5261-92
Geotextile UV resistance70% @ 500 hASTM D4355-92
Geocomposite water flow rate @ Hydr. grad. 1.018 gal/min/ft (223 l/min/m)ASTM D4716-99
Toxicitynon-toxic, non-polluting
Roll size4' x 50' (1.20 x 15.25 m)
6' x 50' (1.83 x 15.25 m)
Roll weight

4'roll 38 lbs (17 kg)

6' roll 56 lbs (25 kg)

Service life expectancy

> 25 years (at pH between 4 and 9 and temperature below 25°C). Do not expose to UV light for longer than 30 days.

Product CodeNameOur PriceQty
Product Code:22600016DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 6' X 50' (300 sqft) (4 Roll Minimum)Our Price:$417.84
Product Code:22600039DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 4' X 50' (200 sqft) (4 Roll Minimum)Our Price:$278.57


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