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DELTA-SCREW Fastener Set

Before you backfill on a foundation, you must make sure the water drainage system is firmly in place. DELTA®-SCREW twist fasteners are made for fixing DELTA drain boards securely to perimeter insulating boards. They do so without penetrating the actual waterproofing membrane so no weak spots are created. These patent-protected fastenersare ideally suited for mounting DELTA-DRAIN onto perimeter insulating panels that are made of XPS and are thicker than two inches (60 mm). The fasteners have a length of two inches (50 mm) to prevent piercing the drainage board or panel.


It's easy for any homeowner to attach a drainage board when they have a DELTA fastener for exactly that purpose. Start by making sure the perimeter insulating panels solidly adhere to the wall surface for waterproofing/damp-proofing coating. Then secure them from top to bottom across the entire insulated area by pushing DELTA-SCREW fasteners through the drainage membrane and screwing them firmly into the insulation panel. Use one faster per square meter with an Allen key "5". Extra fasteners must be used near terminations of the drainage membrane. When you're done, you'll be ready to backfill the area. Remember to always backfill and compact in layers so the perimeter insulation won't detach.

Tough Fasteners for Moisture Management

Spycor Building Products is where to find high-quality moisture barrier fasteners at great prices. Each box contains 50 screw fasteners that can be used with DELTA-Drain, DELTA-MS and DELTA-MS Clear. Talk to our experts by phone or email for additional assistance.


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