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Civil Engineering

For many civil engineering projects, the control of water and moisture is an important consideration. Spycor Building Products, as your moisture management specialists, offer a wide range of waterproofing systems, drainage products, barriers and accessories for keeping water from damaging your structure, whether it's a basement subfloor, the roof of an office building or an underground tunnel.



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You'll find premium moisture-protection products like the Dorken DELTA® System, which includes foundation barrier membranes, subsurface drainage boards, footing barriers and their DELTA-MS waterproofing membrane, designed for foundation walls and for tunnel walls, bottoms and ceilings. We also have the Platon Foundation Waterproofing System from CertainTeed.

The Delta System for Superior Moisture Control

The Dorken DELTA line of products includes DELTA-MS, DELTA-DRAIN, DELTA-FOOTING BARRIER, DELTA-FAS CORNER, DELTA-GRIP fasteners, DELTA caulk, DELTA flashing strip and other products to create an airtight, watertight building envelope. Made with a dimpled membrane that creates an air-gap at the foundation wall for optimal moisture protection, DELTA-MS is resistant to oxygen as well as alkaline environments like concrete and acidic soils.

DELTA-DRAIN is a subsurface drain board that removes soil particles and prevents clogging, while providing continuous drainage to the drainpipe. DELTA-FOOTING BARRIER prevents water from rising from building footings into the foundation. The DELTA_FAS CORNER can be used in a tight location, and to ensure that window and door corners are airtight and watertight, when used along with barriers. DELTA-MS 20 is specially designed for a very high drainage capacity and can be used for reliable drainage in tunnels.

We also have DELTA screw fasteners, grip fasteners, caulking and mold strip, for use with DELTA moisture control systems.

Platon Foundation Waterproofing System

Made from HDPE, the Platon Foundation Waterproofing System is based on a dimpled 24-mil waterproofing membrane that protects all foundations from moisture, bridging any foundation cracks. It helps to keep basement environments healthy and dry and can be installed on top of existing basement floors.