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Spycor offers a strong line of products for roofing applicaitons.  Whether you are looking for a roof underlayment under asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, slate, or metal cladding, we have a premium quality product for you, that will provide you with the ideal solution for your application.  Our offering of Garden Roof Systems is aer premium solution for the highest level of water retention and effective drainage of surplus water.  And lastly, the DELTA® vapor and air barriers provide increased protection levels against undesirable movement of moisture and air through the building enclosure. At the same time they help to save energy.

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  • Primary Waterproofing Layer

Delivered Price $1,385.73

DELTA-BIO TOP DELTA®-BIO TOP – Geotextile for Garden Roof Applications

  • Holds Growing Medium

Delivered Price $789.88
CedAir-Mat ventilation mat used in cedar roof construction CedAir-Mat

  • Cedar Roofing Ventilation
  • LEEDS Points
  • Light Weight - High Compression

Our Price: $184.95
DELTA®-ROOF has been designed for ventilated pitched roofs with sheathing boards. Its relatively water vapor permeability helps to prevent buckling of asphalt shingles caused by solar driven moisture that would usually cause the sheeting boards to swell a DELTA®-ROOF 4'-11" X 164'----- 804 Square Feet

  • Used for Vented Roofs
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Building Code Approved

Our Price: $429.38
Delta Foxx roofing underlayment by Cosella Dorken, The most advanced moisture management roof underlayment on the market. Cutting edge technology allows for extreme vapor permeability.
2-ply material that is waterproof with a vapor permeable di DELTA®-FOXX 4'-11" X 164'----- 804 Square Feet

  • Vapor Permeable
  • Completely Waterproof

Our Price: $799.28
Delta Maxx Titan underlayment by Cosella Dorken , The highly vapor permeable, reflective, watertight roof underlay with energy saving properties. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter.
High strength Polyester fabric with vapor permeable Polyur DELTA®-MAXX TITAN 4'-11" X 164'----- 804 Square Feet

  • High strength Polyester
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Energy Saving Properties

Our Price: $1,589.00
DELTA-TRELA Roofing Membrane by Cosella Dorken. The structured separating layer for ventilated and non-ventilated pitched roofs with metal covering for ultimate protection.
DELTA®-TRELA is a high end membrane, completely waterproof, highly water vapor pe DELTA®-TRELA 3'-3" X 98.6'----- 323 Square Feet

  • Pitched Roof
  • Metal Covered Roofs
  • Extremely Resistant

Our Price: $660.90
DELTA®-VENT S is a supertough, lightweight roofing underlay. The 3-layer, high strength spun-bonded PP breather membrane is water vapor permeable, while completely waterproof. A fabric layer on the lower side protects the membrane against damage (eg. roug DELTA®-VENT S 4'-11" X 164'----- 804 Square Feet

  • Ideal for non-vented roof
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Concrete, Clay, Slate

Our Price: $410.83
DELTA®-REFLEX is completely impermeable to water vapor. This highly effective barrier stops any vapor diffusion and thus helps to prevent wetting and damage of thermal insulation and the building enclosure throughout the lifetime of the structure. DELTA®-Reflex 4'-11" x 164'

  • 4 Ply
  • Vapor & Air Barrier

Our Price: $470.16
Cosella-Dorken DELTA-VENT SA DELTA®-VENT SA 4'-11" X 115'----- 565.1 Square Feet

  • Ideal for non-vented roof
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Concrete, Clay, Slate

Our Price: $809.12

Delta Poly Band for Delta Reflex DELTA®-POLY BAND (ROLL) 3.94" X 328'

  • Delta Roofing Accessory

Our Price: $55.95
Delta Flexx Band for roofing underlayment, Stretchable sealing tape for inner and outer connections to structural details. Material
Bitumen based adhesive combined with tough textile carrier. DELTA®-FLEXX BAND (ROLL)3.94" x 32.8'

  • Delta System Accessory

Our Price: $80.11

Delta Multi Band for roofing underlayment General-purpose adhesive tape with convenient tearoff lines. Can be used with all indoor and outdoor sheets and membranes to join overlap seams and penetrations and repair tear damage.
Acrylic adhesive DELTA®-MULTI BAND 100 (ROLL)----- 3.9" x 82'

  • Delta Roofing Accessory

Our Price: $51.12


  • Delta Roofing Accessory

Our Price: $93.45