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Moisture Barriers for Building Enclosures

Moisture management is the number one challenge in any building construction — and barricading this moisture from above is the most important part. Problems caused by moisture build-up or inadequate ventilation in the roof and attic can quickly spread to the rest of the building. That's why Spycor Building Products has an assortment of Dorken DELTA roof underlayment systems that improve water retention, drainage and airflow as needed. Your home or office building will be more comfortable and safer with professional-quality moisture control.

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Benefits of Roof Underlays

Adding an underlayment improves quality of life in a number of ways. Increased ventilation will keep the roof and the building cooler and drier in the summer months. This prevents structural damage and lowers utility bills. Airflow also prevents steam build-up, ice dams, mold and other things caused by excessive moisture. If you live in areas with heavy rain or snow, a roof waterproofing system is a must to prevent water from leaking into the building. These systems even reduce noise so you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Reduce Moisture for All Roofs

Our experts have picked out the best roof moisture management systems for every situation. We have pitched roof underlays such as the DELTA-ROOF for blocking water and the DELTA-FOXX for draining. The DELTA-TRELA metal roof underlayment will seal the area between the root and the sheathing so moisture can't collect underneath. If you have a cedar roof, the CedAir-Mat® provides superior ventilation via the cavity it creates beneath the shingles. We also have garden roof systems that can retain rainwater for refreshing your plants and then drain the excess away.

Leading Roof Moisture Solutions

Call or email Spycor Building Products if you're planning a roofing project. Our customer service team and technical staff can both assist you with anything you need to know about moisture management and finding the right products with free shipping and bulk discounts.