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The DELTA®-FAST'ner is a multistud fastener for attaching the DELTA®-MS and DELTA®-DRAIN to the foundation wall. The fastener is used with a DELTA®-NAIL or concrete nail to fasten the DELTA® Membrane in place. The DELTA®-FAST'ner is made of HDPE and is or


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DELTA-GRIP Concrete Fasteners

Hooking up your drainage boards and moisture barrier composites to concrete is even easier when you have trust Spycor for the DELTA®-GRIP Fastener system. This accessory is an installation aid for the attachment of DELTA-MS and all DELTA drainage composites, including DELTA-DRAIN and DELTA-DRAIN 6200. The high-grip fasteners are made of a polymeric plastic that has a self-adhesive back so you can stick them securely to the waterproofed wall without piercing it or the membrane.

Spycor Building Products is the source for DELTA fasteners and flashing accessories that are affordable, effective and durable. This box of 100 DELTA-GRIP wall attachments can be used for flashing, below-grade moisture management systems and deflecting rain from masonry. We are here to assist you with all moisture management needs.

Suitable for:
  • Delta-Drain 6200
  • Delta-Drain
  • Delta-MS


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