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DELTA-DRAIN Profile for Exterior Barriers

If the edges of your drainage composite and insulation are offset from each other, your rooms and basements won't stay dry for long. DELTA®-DRAIN Profile is an edge termination PVC profile for use with DELTA drainage boards and exterior perimeter insulation. The profile has eight integrated bending edges to adjust to the required insulation thickness. By curving and twisting the profile to match, you can turn your outdoor shed, DIY green roof kit or remodeled garage into a building that can manage water and vapor effectively.

Quickly Transform Your Moisture Protection System

The DELTA-DRAIN Profile is designed for use in combination with DELTA-MS, DELTA-DRAIN and other DELTA drainage membranes. It's also suitable for exterior perimeter insulation boards (XPS) from 60- to 110-mm thickness. Application is simple, too. Start by bending the profile near the printed product name. This leg of the profile will be fastened to the foundation wall. Then, as appropriate for the thickness of the insulation board, bend the DELTA-DRAIN Profile down at one of the outer folding grooves. Secure the now Z-shaped profile to the foundation wall above the insulation. Fold bending edges only once to prevent breaking of profile. This accessory can be applied at temperatures from 5°C (41°F) to 30°C (86°F).

High-Quality Drainage Solutions

Trust Spycor Building Productions for affordable prices on effective products to blockade moisture. DELTA-DRAIN Profile edges are 6-foot, 6-inch strips that come in 20 per bundle so you have enough for a full roll of drainage composite.


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