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Above Grade Rainscreen Wall Systems

A rainy day is bad enough without the water getting inside your home, too. An exterior residential rainscreen is a shield that protects both the outer and inner walls from excess moisture. No wall is 100 percent waterproof — sealers break down, cracks form when the ground settles and sometimes there's just a small error in the design. Adding a rainscreen system creates a gap for drainage and airflow so moisture won't get trapped in the wall to cause flooding, molding or rot. Extend the life of your home and make it more comfortable to live in by installing world-class rainscreens on your exterior siding.



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Rainscreens for All Walls

Spycor Building Products has rainscreens for siding made of wood, vinyl, stone, brick, cement, stucco and many other materials. We also carry the leading moisture management brands such as Dorken DELTA® and Advanced Building Products. These rainscreen membrane roll skids provide two-stage protection for keeping water out of your above-grade walls. The design prevents bulk water, such as wind-driven rain, from entering the building envelope in the first place. A good rainscreen also manages and drains any water that does get into the cavity before the walls can absorb it. This 2-in-1 rain blocking system maximizes water prevention and makes your system easier to install.

The Right Rainscreen for Every Home

We carry plenty of exterior rainscreens for residential and light commercial use. Mortairvent® rainscreens such as the Mortairvent 202 and 203 equalize wall pressure to create airspace for more ventilation to remove water vapor. The DELTA-DRY structured membrane system includes their standard rainscreen as well as a model specifically designed for stucco and stone walls. Each long-lasting system is backed by industry expertise from building professionals that have your needs in mind. We'll help you find the best moisture control system at the best value so your home stays dry on the inside.