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Pitched Roof Underlayment

Are you planning a new building construction or roof remodeling job? Don't forget the waterproofing and moisture management! At Spycor Building Products, we offer the highest quality underlayment systems for pitched roofs. Dörken DELTA® systems are the premiere choice for roof protection. We have their DELTA-ROOF, DELTA-FOXX, DELTA-MAXX and DELTA-VENT and DELTA-VENT SA product lines, which feature technologically advanced materials and designs that protect roofs from rainwater, snow, wind and dust, while allowing vapor permeability and ventilation for increased lifespan and lower energy costs.



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You'll also find top-performing DELTA accessories designed for use with their underlayment systems. This includes sealing compound, aluminum coated sealing tape, acrylic adhesive tape, DELTA sealant and HDPE flashing strip.

DELTA-ROOF for Superior Roof Protection

Made from spun-fiber material, DELTA-ROOF installs on roof sheathing and is 100 percent waterproof, extremely durable and wind resistant. It provides excellent protection from snow, rain, wind and dust, yet it's lightweight and easy to install. It's made for ventilated pitched roofs with sheathing boards and, because of its water vapor permeability, it prevents asphalt shingles from buckling. It works with all standard roof claddings.

DELTA-FOXX Moisture Management Roof Underlayment

With optimal water vapor permeability, DELTA-FOX removes all roof moisture. The 2-ply material is also waterproof and tear resistant.

Enjoy Energy Savings with DELTA-MAXX TITAN

Keeping roofs warm in the winter and cool in the summer, DELTA-MAXX TITAN provides considerable energy savings, in addition to other benefits. It's a watertight, reflective roof underlay that's water vapor permeable. The material is an extremely strong polyester fabric with polyurethane coating. The titanium finish reflects up to 50 percent of radiant energy, which can lower attic temperatures.

Waterproof and Vapor Permeable DELTA-VENT

Tough and light, DELTA-VENT S and DELTA-VENT SA feature 3 layers of high strength spun-bonded polypropylene. The membrane is breathable and water vapor permeable, and at the same time, 100 percent waterproof. Moisture in the roof can escape, making this underlayment perfect for non-ventilated clay, slate or concrete tile roofs. DELTA-VENT materials make it non-slip and resistant to abrasion. The fabric layer protects the material against damage from roof sheathing. DELTA-VENT SA is self-adhering.