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Garden Roof Systems

Dörken, global leaders in moisture protection, has three garden roof systems that work together to support and protect rooftop gardens. Their DELTA®-FLORAXX, DELTA-ROOT BARRIER and DELTA-BIOTOP meet the unique requirements of garden roofs, by providing both water retention and water drainage, to enhance the performance and extend the lifespan of both the garden and the roof. They also prevent leakage. If you're planning to build a green roof, where to buy the best products may be a major concern. Look no further! We have the best garden roof systems at affordable prices.



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DELTA-FLORAXX for Garden Roof Water Retention and Drainage

This unique product offers high water retention and superior drainage properties, making it essential for garden roof construction projects. DELTA-FLORAXX uses perforated drainage board that's been designed for this purpose, with dimples and superior compressive strength. It features a 60 percent recycled HDPE and 40 percent virgin HDPE studded membrane, and it effectively drains surplus water. It's an eco-friendly product that won't rot when in regular contact with soil.

DELTA-ROOT BARRIER - Protects Waterproofing Layer from Plant Roots and Traffic

The function of the DELTA-ROOT BARRIER is to protect the main waterproofing layer from foot traffic during the construction process and from root penetration. It's an important part of the DELTA Garden Roof System. The material is a 15 mil polyethylene sheet that provides strength and durability. It's impact resistant and allows free-flowing drainage. DELTA-ROOT BARRIER is also resistant from tears, non-toxic and won't absorb water.

Hold Growing Medium in Place with DELTA-BIOTOP

DELTA-BIOTOP is the final part of Dorken's complete Garden Roof System. Its purpose is to hold the growing medium in place so that it won't wash away and cause the DELTA-FLORAXX material to clog, which would reduce its drainage capacity. This filter fabric is constructed from non-woven polypropylene. DELTA-BIOTOP also enhances water retention, and it is resistant to roots and rot. It's non-toxic and eco-friendly, adding to the environmental benefits of a rooftop garden.

DELTA® Systems offer premium solutions for the highest level of water retention and effective drainage of surplus water.