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Air & Water Resistive Barriers

For today's energy efficient buildings, airtightness is a critical issue. But because there are no longer air drafts coming through the exterior walls, a high-performance water resistive barrier is required to keep wall cavities dry. These Cosella Dorken air- and water-resistive barriers feature a technologically advanced membrane design that provides superior protection from water and vapor. We have their DELTA®-VENT S and SA for non-vented roofs, DELTA-FASSADE for open joint cladding systems and DELTA-MAXX TITAN, vapor permeable, tear-resistant underlay for insulated pitched roofs.



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DELTA-VENT S and SA - Water Resistive Barrier for Non-Vented Roofs

DELTA-VENT S from Dörken is a lightweight yet extremely strong roofing underlay. This high strength spun-bonded PP breather membrane is water vapor permeable while at the same time highly waterproof. It has fabric on the bottom to protect the breathable membrane from damage. Although it's completely waterproof, moisture in the roof can escape through its membrane, so it's highly recommended as an underlayment for non-ventilated roofs that have clay, slate or concrete tiles. DELTA-VENT S protects roofs through the harshest weather. It's also abrasion resistant and non-slip. DELTA-VENT SA provides the same exceptional resistance to air and water, yet it's self-adhering. This 3-ply membrane is the only self-adhering, vapor-permeable water resistive barrier, with a self-adhesive edge lap. DELTA-VENT SA is resistant to tears and lightweight, and it increases building air-tightness by eliminating all leaks at the fasteners.

DELTA-FASSADE S for Open Joint Claddings - UV Resistant

Designed for use in open joint cladding systems, DELTA-FASSADE S provides superior UV resistance in addition to being watertight, vapor permeable and tear resistant. Because it's highly protective against UV light, there is no need to double up the membrane. DELTA-FASSADE S can be used for continuous moisture protection behind open joint cladding.

Save Energy with DELTA-MAXX TITAN Watertight Roof Underlay

The water- and wind- proof vapor permeable thermomembrane of the DELTA-MAXX TITAN provides roofing protection year round. It features a silver titanium coating that reflects as much as 50 percent of radiant energy. This keeps building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This reduces energy consumption far more effectively than with traditional non-reflective roof underlays. The vapor permeability protects the roof even through extreme environmental conditions. DELTA-MAXX also provides a safe working surface, and it's easy to install.