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Below Grade Moisture Barriers

Below-Grade Moisture Prevention. Water flows downhill, which means that the lower you go in your home, the more important moisture protection is. Spycor Building Products has a number of waterproofing systems to prevent groundwater, floodwater, snow run-off and drainage from finding its way into the basement. These below-grade moisture barriers can be used for new home construction and remodels, parking decks, light commercial building and other applications where you need things to stay dry. We provide the right solution at an affordable price for every waterproofing challenge so your low spaces will be protected.



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DELTA Waterproofing

Our advanced below-grade moisture blocking systems are made by the world's leading building product manufacturers. The Dorken DELTA® line includes options for homes of every size and shape. The DELTA-MS Foundation Waterproofing System is a stand-alone rigid wall membrane that is impermeable to water while resisting impacts, chemicals and oxidation. If you want to control the flow of water, DELTA-DRAIN drainage board is remarkably effective for stopping soil moisture from damaging hillside buildings or underground walls. Dorken also makes products for controlling seepage in tunnels and screening out bugs. The company's horizontal below-grade waterproofing boards can be installed in ceiling and floors for 360 degrees of water protection.

The Best Home Moisture Protection

Spycor Building Products also carries other leading water prevention systems for residential applications. The Platon® foundation barrier system creates a watertight seal and an air gap. This improves drying and drainage so wet soil won't damage basement walls or subfloors. Be truly eco-friendly with your drainage system by using Marflex ShockWave drainage and insulation board that is made of 100 percent recycled materials. Keep moisture, water, mold and mildew from ruining the basement by using the correct drainage systems and barriers. We are experts in below-grade moisture management and can assist you with any new or existing project.