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Platon® is made from tough, durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), CertainTeed Platon is a waterproofing membrane that provides superior moisture protection for all types of foundations in residential basement applications. This dimpled 24-mil. wrap s Platon Foundation Waterproofing System

  • From $ .33 PSF -Delivered!
  • Easy Installation

DELTA®-MS dimple board, foundation waterproofing system. DELTAŽ-MS Foundation Waterproofing System

  • $ .53 PSF -Delivered!
  • Easy to Install
  • Impermeable to Water

DELTA®-DRAIN is an effective product to control the flow of water and prevent damage from soil moisture through cracks and gaps in below grade structures, while relieving hydrostatic pressure. DELTA®-DRAIN is particulary suited for hillside residential an DELTAŽ-DRAIN

  • $ .85 PSF -Delivered!
  • Easy to Install
  • Impermeable to Water

DELTA FOOTING BARRIER acts as a physical barrier, resisting the capillary wicking of water and upward migration of moisture from the footings into the foundation wall that is also known as rising damp. The material is designed to adhere well to the concre DELTAŽ-FOOTING BARRIER - Damp Proofing Course (DPC)

  • High strength Polyester
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Energy Saving Properties

Our Price: $124.60

ShockWave by Marflex 1" x 3' x 4' Marflex Shockwave 1" x 3' x 4' (40pcs per Pallet - 480sqft)

  • Drainage
  • Insulation

Our Price: $436.80
ShockWave by Marflex 2" x 3' x 4' Marflex Shockwave 2" x 3' x 4' (20pcs per Pallet - 240sqft)

  • Drainage
  • Insulation

Our Price: $436.80
DELTA®-DRAIN 9000 is a high-performance, high-strength drainboard ideally suited for demanding horizontal drainage applications in plaza deck and pavement construction, and split slabs where high compressive strength and high flow rates are required. DELTAŽ-Drain 9000 - 6.0 ft x 50 ft (300 SqFt/Roll)

  • For Horizontal Apps.
  • Easy to Install
  • Impermeable to Water

Our Price: $428.76
DELTA®-DRAIN 6000 is a high-performance 2-layer drainage composite. It consists of a dimpled drainage core and a high-strength needle punched PP geotextile (non-woven) with excellent filter characteristics. It is the only drainboard on today's market mad DELTAŽ-DRAIN 6000

  • >15,000 psf
  • depths of 45 ft
  • 2 Roll Sizes

DELTA®-DRAIN 2000 consists of a dimpled, tear resistant drainage core made from a special Polypropylene and a needlepunched, high-strength PP geotextile with excellent filter characteristics. The geotextile is fully bonded to the dimpled drainage core whi DELTAŽ-DRAIN 2000

  • Light Comemrcial
  • Shallow depths
  • 2 Roll Sizes

DELTA®-DRAIN 6200 has been specifically designed for use over waterproofing membranes, where added protection is needed. The high-strength polymeric film adhered to the back side of the drainage core prevents potential die cutting into the waterproofing DELTAŽ-DRAIN 6200

  • Parking Decks
  • Foundation Walls
  • 2 Roll Sizes

DELTA®-MS 20 by Cosella Dorken is especially reliable for high performance seepage and drainage layers in tunnelling and other double shell horizontal or vertical constructions. 
Underground Horizontal Application DELTAŽ-MS 20

  • Vertical Underground
  • Horizontal Underg
  • Tunnel Ceiling & Wall Application

Cosella-Dorken DELTA-BUG SCREEN Great adhesion and stretchability. Suitable even for nooks and crannies Stretchable bitumen-rubber adhesive on a special non-woven fabric. 
Stretchable connecting and sealing tape for internal and external detail elements. DELTAŽ-BUG SCREEN (20 -5' strips)

  • Delta Rainscreen Accessory

Our Price: $68.56

Delta Multi Band for roofing underlayment General-purpose adhesive tape with convenient tearoff lines. Can be used with all indoor and outdoor sheets and membranes to join overlap seams and penetrations and repair tear damage.
Acrylic adhesive DELTAŽ-MULTI BAND (ROLL)----- 2.36" x 82'

  • Delta Roofing Accessory

Our Price: $51.12
The DELTA®-FAST'ner is a multistud fastener for attaching the DELTA®-MS and DELTA®-DRAIN to the foundation wall. The fastener is used with a DELTA®-NAIL or concrete nail to fasten the DELTA® Membrane in place. The DELTA®-FAST'ner is made of HDPE and is or DELTAŽ-GRIP FASTENER - Box 100

  • Delta Drainage Accessory

Our Price: $250.41
DELTA Drain Profile 6'6" Strip DELTAŽ-Drain Profile 6'6" - Single Strip

  • Delta Drainage Accessory

Our Price: $21.12
Platon Plug (Box 250) Platon Plug (Box 250)

Our Price: $27.95
Platon SpeedStrip Bundle 16 Platon SpeedStrip Bundle 16

PlatonŽ Speed Strips are the contractors preferred way to install PlatonŽ Foundation Membrane. Speedstrips eliminate the use of caulking and give contractors and home owners alike the flexibility to install PlatonŽ foundation membrane 365 days a year.

Speedstrips replace Speed Clips and serve as a termination bar for the PlatonŽ foundation membrane
Meshes with the dimples and smooth PlatonŽ tab to create a watertight seal
16 Speedstrips needed to install 1 roll of 65' PlatonŽ
Eliminates the need for caulking on the top edge
Simple, year around application
Light weight and installs easily
Easy to cut

Dimensions: 3-1/4" x 47-1/2"
Shipping Dimensions: 48.0 x 4.5 x 4.0
Shipping Weight: 0.8 lbs

Our Price: $59.83

Platon Moulding Bundle 10 Platon Moulding Bundle 10

Our Price: $23.40

Platon Waterproofing Membrane 5' X 65.5' 328sqft PlatonŽ 5' X 65.5' (328sqft) - $ .57 psf

  • $ .49 PSF -Delivered!
  • 6,000 lb/sqft load capacity

  • Check Roll Quantity Pricing!

Our Price: $187.95