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For optimal drainage in all cavity wall construction, we offer high performance products from Advanced Building Products. Since masonry absorbs water and humidity, a cavity wall prevents damage by draining water through weep holes at the base of the wall system. Weep holes can also be placed over windows to prevent wooden window frames from rot.



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Cell Vent System and Weep Tubes for Cavity Wall Drainage

Mortar Maze™ Weep Vents and Weep Tubes ensure proper drainage, while at the same time preventing debris and insects from getting into the head joint. They're made from rugged polypropylene and comply with ASTM D2240, D790B, D638 and D12388. Mortar Maze weep tubes, which allow for moisture drainage, are available with or without cotton wicks and stainless steel screens.

Benefits of a Mortar Deflection System

The Mortar Break® mortar deflection mat works with weep vents and masonry flashing to effectively prevent moisture from building up. This mat prevents mortar droppings from clogging drainage channels in cavity walls. Any water that gets trapped inside the cavity seeps down the flashing and moves out of the wall. Installing this system will also help maintain an open space for wall cavity drying and ventilation. With 90 percent open mesh, it provides more substantial airflow than plastic mesh products. The material is lightweight, anti-wicking and easy to install. It is designed to stand up in extreme temperatures. Another benefit is that it complies with L.E.E.D. requirements, as it's constructed from 40 percent recycled materials.

Your Trusted Resource for Moisture Management

Whether you're constructing a new residential or commercial building or retrofitting an old building to comply with new regulations, Spycor Building Products is your best source for materials and expertise. With industry experience, we're well-versed in building requirements, and can recommend the best products for your application.