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Masonry Copper Fabric Flashing Copper Fabric Flashing

  • 2oz, 3oz, 5oz, or 7oz PSF
  • Dense glass fabric
  • Glass, Asphalt, Copper laminate

Copper Sealtite non asphaltic flashing, A full copper sheet weighing 2 or 3 oz. per square foot bonded to a layer of waterproofed, creped kraft paper with a plasticized asphalt compound. The 3 oz. weight is reinforced with woven glass fabric scrim and mee Copper Sealtite (non-asphaltic) Flashing

  • 3oz or 5oz
  • Dense fiberglass fabric
  • Compatible with all types of Sealants

Cop-R-Shield PC Deck Flashing Cop-R-Shield PC -Deck Flashing & Termite Shield

  • 2oz or 3oz PSF
  • 20ft or 60ft Rolls
  • Use with ACQ Lumber