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With years of moisture-management building expertise, Spycor Building Products offers the latest products that meet the demands of new construction requirements. We offer copper fabric flashing and Copper Sealtite® flashing, both of which do not contain asphalt, as per today's building practices. These products are fully compatible with all wall system components and meet all building specifications. Cop-R-Shield™ PC non-asphaltic copper laminated flashing, also from Advanced Building Products, is a premium quality product designed for residential wood frame construction projects that use treated lumber.

The Benefits of Copper Fabric Flashing and Copper Sealtite

This copper fabric flashing is made from five layers of premium waterproofing materials, combined with pressure and heat into a single extremely durable yet flexible sheet. It withstands the damaging chemicals in fresh mortar and provides permanent waterproofing while resisting stretching. The glass fabric gives additional reinforcement and protects the copper from damage during installation. The rough textured surface provides a strong bond.

Copper Sealtite is available as either a 3-ounce or 5-ounce copper sheet which is laminated between layers of dense fiberglass fabric. Because the adhesive is non-asphaltic, it's compatible with all sealants.

Uses for both copper fabric flashing and Copper Sealtite include horizontal and vertical masonry, foundation sills, cavity walls, parapets or copings, spandrels and more.

Deck Construction with Cop-R-Shield PC

The durable copper and poly laminated construction of this copper flashing is highly recommended for use with all pressure treated wood and deck projects. It is easily formed, offers excellent corrosion protection and provides superior protection against termites. It's also guaranteed to be UV resistant.

Spycor Building Products' Top-Notch Service

In addition to affordable solutions for your moisture management challenges, we provide unsurpassed customer service and technical support. Our industry experts will help you choose the best materials for your new construction or remodeling project, and they are knowledgeable about all building requirements.