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Vapor Barrier

With many vapor barriers used for interior building construction, there will still be some moisture vapor that enters the wall cavity, whether it's through a seam or a wall penetration. Even a small amount of moisture can cause mold growth, moisture damage and poor insulation performance. What's required is a barrier that completely prevents all moisture from getting in. You'll find such products here at Spycor Building Products. For example, Dörken DELTA®-REFLEX vapor barriers are high performance barriers are designed to be 100 percent impermeable to water vapor, keeping thermal insulation free from wetting and damage. An effective vapor barrier is a vital part of any basement waterproofing solution.



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The Unique Design of DELTA-REFLEX Vapor Barriers

DELTA-REFLEX is a 4-ply material that's made with a corrosion resistant, highly reflective aluminum layer that's laminated between a grid reinforced polyethylene film and transparent polyester film. This innovative design creates a completely vapor-impermeable barrier that stops all vapor diffusion and prevents damage to insulation and the building's enclosure. It's guaranteed for the structure's lifetime.


This superior water vapor barrier from Dörken has many advantages. In addition to being completely impermeable to air and water vapor, the aluminum layer can enhance the insulation's effectiveness by as much as 10 percent, if installed as a radiant barrier. It also reflects 50 percent of heat, providing greater energy efficiency. DELTA-REFLEX acts as a shield from dangerous electromagnetic radiation, and it has incredible tensile strength to prevent tears. Installation is fast and easy, due to the material's flexibility, which allows installation in tight spaces. It also has an unmatched fire rating.

The Spycor Building Products Difference

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