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The problem with using floor slabs that are made with porous concrete is that they can collect moisture, which may lead to the growth of mold. This creates an unhealthy working and living environment, in addition to the moisture compromising the integrity of the structure. Long-term moisture control is required to protect the building's foundation and ensure its longevity. Without ample protection, the concrete will pull water up from the dirt below, allowing moisture to seep through the floor, walls and joints. When you install a sub-base course, the concrete slabs will no longer absorb water, keeping the building envelope dry and protected.



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The Advantages and Benefits of DELTA®-MS UNDERSLAB

Dörken DELTA-MS UNDERSLAB is an advanced vapor retarder and sub-base course that provides optimal performance with a high compressive strength. In addition, it acts as a capillary break, preventing moisture from rising up and permeating the concrete. This material also acts as a barrier to potentially toxic soil gases. The material is extremely durable and will not tear during installation, nor will it deteriorate when in contact with concrete or soil. It allows for more even curing and ensures that the concrete will meet its strength requirements. DELTA-MS UNDERSLAB can be used with on or below grade concrete slabs and in either commercial or residential construction projects.

When the flooring is put in, the underslab protects the floor finish from moisture damage and creates a comfortable, healthy living space. It fully hydrates the concrete, allows for secure bonding of the concrete floor and adhesives, and continues to perform for life of the building.

For more than 125 years, Dorken has been a global leader in high-performance moisture and air barriers for peak protection in both above and below grade residential and commercial structures. Their products were specifically chosen by Spycor Building Products for their superior quality, value and reliability.