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Subfloor Moisture Barriers

When you're turning the basement into a living room, hobby space or studio apartment, you'll need a good subfloor moisture management solution. In these low areas, a hardwood or vinyl floor can be eaten alive by water and moisture seeping up from the concrete beneath it. This doesn't just lead to warped floorboards — it can also cause mold growth, structural damage, mustiness, chilliness and other harmful effects. Our basement subfloor moisture control systems allow the concrete to dry out without touching the finished floor or outright block water from getting there. As a result, your living space will be warmer, drier and healthier.

Spycor recommends using either Delta-FL or Platon dimpled polyethylene underlayment when refinishing a basement or slab on grade construction.

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Advanced Basement Moisture Prevention Materials

At Spycor Building Products, you can get high-quality subfloor systems that are easy to install and effective at removing moisture. We offer both the CertainTeed Platon Plastic Concrete Subfloor and the Dorken DELTA®-FL subflooring system at a lower price than you'll find elsewhere. Both products use high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a very durable plastic, to form a water vapor barrier. The material has dimples that form an air gap between the finished floor and concrete. This equalizes pressure so the concrete has proper ventilation to dry out. It also separates the floor so the cold concrete won't bring down the temperature of the room.

Comfortable & Dry Basement Living

The floor is what people spend their most time on, and it should be a place where you will gladly walk or stand. Residential subfloor moisture barriers are a must for finished basements located in flood plains, foothills, rainy towns and other high-moisture areas. Our subflooring systems can be used with many types of flooring, including hardwood, particleboard, laminate, carpeting and vinyl. You'll enjoy better air quality and lower heating bills after any new home or remodeling project. Turn your basement into a sought-after living space with the help of our moisture management experts who can assist you with getting the right products.