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Concrete Repair

Being able to efficiently repair cracks in concrete is an important part of successful moisture management. At Spycor Building Products, we're experts in moisture management, providing the highest quality products, affordable prices and industry expertise. Our Marflex concrete repair kits are no exception. You'll find everything you need to repair concrete cracks from 8-10 lineal feet up to 30 lineal feet.



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A structural crack in concrete occurs when there's some movement in the foundation, which can result in long-term damage if not immediately repaired. These kits provide effective concrete repair.

Contractor Crack Injection Start-Up Kit

Do you need to repair cracks up to 30 feet? This crack injection kit includes what you need to fill cracks — as simple as that. You'll get a crack injection gun, quick-set paste, foam, urethane adhesive, static mixers, retaining nuts, corner mounts, hose injection assembly and more, all contained in a convenient tool box.

Marflex Single Use Polyurethane or Epoxy Crack Repair Kits

For low-pressure injection and repair of 8-10 foot concrete cracks, you can choose from two Marflex single-use kits. The difference is that one uses injection epoxy resin; the other uses injection polyurethane/epoxy resin. Otherwise, they're the same, though you will require a standard sized caulking gun. However, everything else is included.

Staple Kits for Reinforcing Concrete Cracks

How do you recognize a structural crack in concrete? Typically, it's is a horizontal crack or when the width of the crack measures more than .25 inches. Since it was caused by movement of the foundation and stress upon the concrete, epoxy alone won't prevent further cracking. However, the concrete can be reinforced by cross-stitching the area with countersunk carbon staples. This prevents movement and stress and enhances the lifespan of your repair material.