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DELTA-FAS Corner Pieces

When you're installing an above-grade or below-grade moisture barrier, it can be difficult to get the membrane to fit every nook and cranny. DELTA®-FAS Corner is a durable one-piece polymeric corner accessory that helps ensure air- and watertight corners in DELTA air- and water-resistive barrier system installations. These corners are easy to install and provide peace of mind for areas notoriously difficult to detail correctly. Use them with DELTA-MS, DELTA-DRAIN, flashing strips and other moisture protection products to form a tight seal and prevent leaks that can quickly spread. They are ideal for residential and light commercial construction to prevent mold, mildew and rot.

All-Around DELTA Accessory

DELTA-FAS Corner may be used in new or retrofit applications to make corners in windows and doors air- and water-tight in combination with an air and/or water-resistive barriers. It is UV-resistant and withstands wind pressures to prevent air or water leakage in very critical detail areas. DELTA-FAS Corner is compatible with other DELTA adhesives, tapes and flashings as part of the DELTA Premium moisture protection system. By getting a 40-pack of DELTA-FAS Corner waterproof inserts, you can protect every opening in your walls from developing weak spots for moisture control. Spycor Building Products has affordable prices and expert service on all Dorken DELTA accessories that help keep your home dry.
MaterialThermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Dimensions190 x 40 x 150 mm (7.48” x 1.57” x 5.7”)
Packaging40 pieces per box


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