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Build Stronger, Safer Structures With Delta MS

Water damage stands as a formidable adversary in the realm of construction, capable of inflicting severe harm to the structural integrity of buildings and inflicting financial burdens through repair expenses and project delays. Whether it’s the cozy confines of a residential basement, the bustling corridors of a commercial complex, or the industrial expanse of a manufacturing facility, the specter of water infiltration looms ominously, threatening to compromise the very foundation upon which these structures stand. In the face of such peril, the need for robust waterproofing solutions cannot be overstated, and it is here that DELTA®-MS emerges as a transformative force in the arena of waterproofing technology.

April 3, 2024

Safeguarding Your Building Envelope – Watch the Step-by-Step Video Installation Guide!

Have you encountered challenges related to leaks around fasteners and difficulties in maintaining optimal air tightness in your building construction projects? We understand that these concerns can be a source of frustration. Spycor Building has an effective solution that addresses these common issues – DELTA®-VENT SA.

January 25, 2024

Discover Ultimate Waterproofing Protection with DELTA®-MS – Your Complete Solution for Foundation Walls

Introducing DELTA®-MS – the revolutionary solution for foundation walls. This high-density polyethylene membrane offers impermeable protection, directing water away with a dual-layered defense. Cost-effective and durable, DELTA®-MS ensures a dry foundation for over 50 years. 

January 16, 2024