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To maintain the integrity and longevity of a tunnel structure, effective drainage is vitally important. Dörken DELTA® drainage products feature an advanced dimpled membrane that prevents moisture infiltration, maintaining a strong, sound structure. For many years, DELTA drainage systems have provided the solution to some of the most critical and challenging tunnel projects.

The Challenge of Waterproofing a Tunnel

For a large municipal project such as the building of a tunnel, waterproofing and moisture management is a critical concern for lasting integrity, both for public safety and to protect a considerable investment. Concrete, as a material that absorbs water, can be prone to cracking. Proper moisture management goes a long way to maintaining the strength of the structure.

DELTA-MS20 Superior Construction for Tunnel Moisture Management

One of Dorken's flagship products, DELTA-MS20, is specially designed for high drainage capacity. It uses an extremely durable, compression-resistant dimpled sheet constructed from HDPE. The dimpled membrane allows drainage while preventing water from seeping into the structure by capillary movement. Its high drainage ability meets stringent requirements for tunnel construction projects when it comes to water issues.

DELTA-MS20 is a heavier gauge version of their DELTA-MS material, with 20-millimeter studs that create an air gap. It is highly recommended when an application requires additional drainage capacity. In addition to tunneling, examples include other double-shell horizontal or vertical construction projects, or any usage that demands a larger flow rate. DELTA-MS20 is completely resistant to water as well as water vapors and is also resistant to acids and other abrasive chemicals. It reliably deflects water, despite any cracks or damaged areas. It's extremely durable, with a service life of more than 50 years.