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For high performance basement refinishing systems, you can trust Spycor Building Products. We carefully select every product we offer from the world's leading moisture management experts. You'll find top-rated Dörken DELTA® and CertainTeed Platon basement subfloor systems that can be used with any kind of basement flooring, and high-quality window wells from Rockwell, RhinoWells and Marflex. Moisture management in basement refinishing is vitally important, both for protecting the inner walls and flooring, and for ensuring a comfortable and healthy, mold-free living space.



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Basement Subfloor Systems

The purpose of a basement subfloor system is to prevent moisture from penetrating up through the floor covering and into the environment. To do this effectively, you need a product that completely traps air and water vapor, while allowing the concrete below to breathe and isolating it from the finished floor. This must be done, whether you plan on using vinyl flooring, laminate, carpeting or hardwood. For this purpose, we recommend products such as Dorken DELTA-FL plastic subfloor and Platon plastic subfloor. These subfloor systems are designed with dimpled, extremely durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane material that creates an air gap so that water pressure above and below the concrete can equalize. The design keeps the room warm and comfortable, eliminates any dampness and prevents musty odors that can be very common in basements. These products are made for easy installation. You'll also find moisture-proof polypropylene tape, for use with the plastic subflooring.

The Advantages of Window Wells

Premium window wells have a few purposes. A window well provides light for otherwise dark underground basements. Some local building codes require an egress in basement rooms in the event of an emergency. Certain window well models include built-in stairs, meeting these building regulations for below-grade living space exits. Window wells are also available with optional covers, which keep out leaves, water, snow and animals, plus added safety for young children playing outside. A cover also simplifies maintenance.