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Moisture Management

Do you have the moisture management products you need for a successful new construction project? Protecting the building envelope from water and moisture is critical, as water damage can lead to loss of structural integrity and unhealthy living and working conditions. At Spycor Building Products, we offer a wide range of moisture management supplies, from subfloor systems and copper flashing to rainscreen systems and vapor barriers.



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If you're wondering where to buy DELTA-DRY rainscreen products, the answer is — right here! We have many Dörken DELTA® products, such as the DELTA-DRAIN 9000 and DELTA-DRY rainscreen. We're also a DELTA-MS waterproofing retailer, offering their foundation protection system at an affordable price.

Every product is carefully chosen for its high quality, performance and value, and our manufacturers are the most highly regarded in the industry.

Air and Water Resistive Barriers

New building design places a high value on energy efficiency, which demands that the construction is airtight. This makes moisture management even more critical, since there are no drafts to keep the walls dry. To fit the needs and requirements of today's buildings, we offer high performance air and moisture barriers, such as roof underlays and water-resistive barriers for open joint cladding systems.

Below Grade Moisture Protection

Our below grade moisture protection products from Dörken Systems, CertainTeed and Marflex include foundation waterproofing systems, drainage composite drainboard and sheeting, acrylic adhesive tape and sealing tape, sealant, fasteners and other drainage and roofing accessories. You'll also find high performance waterproofing materials for tunnel construction.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair kits include everything you'll need to fill cracks from 8 to 10 feet or up to 30 feet. This includes an injection gun, adhesive, foam, static mixers, surface/corner mounts, retainer nuts, hose injection assembly, safety glasses, gloves and more.


Flashing product range from copper flashing and drainage systems to waterproofing membranes, Quickflash® flashing panels and drainage accessories. There's a full line of products for highly effective moisture management.

Rainscreen Systems

Our rainscreen systems solve moisture issues in above grade building envelopes. They can be used to protect various kinds of walls, including wood, fiber-cement, vinyl, manufactured stone veneer and stucco. These structured membranes provide both ventilation and drainage.

Subfloor Systems

Subfloor systems keep finished basements free of moisture and provides a comfortable flooring surface that's warmer and drier.

Tunnel Drainage Systems

Moisture management in tunnels is challenging yet critical, to maintain the structure's integrity and lifespan. You'll find high performance DELTA drainage products that provide a solution for the unique drainage requirements of tunnel construction.

Vapor Barrier Systems

Even with proper installation of vapor barriers, it is often very difficult to keep all moisture vapor from penetrating the wall cavity. Just a small amount of moisture can cause mold and damage. These high-quality barriers are 100 percent impermeable.