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Spycor Building Products Help Page

Do you have a burning question about getting the right moisture prevention products? We have an answer. Our Help page has responses to many commonly-asked questions we receive from customers. Here you can learn all about moisture management and shopping with Spycor Building Products 24/7.

Product Questions

Get up to speed on some of our most popular moisture management products with these FAQs. We have a lengthy section about various Platon® and DELTA® waterproofing systems, including how they work, what common terms mean and the differences between the various products. You'll also find warranty information and links to the manufacturer websites.

Ordering & Shipping Questions

So you've decided to place an order with Spycor Building Products - but now what? The Order Status section has everything you need to know, including typical delivery times for different shipping options, how to track or change your order and what to do if your order never arrives or is missing items. If you live outside the U.S., visit our International Shipping page to see what your options are.

Help with Your Account

Having an account with us is a great way for regular customers to simplify the ordering process and make it easier to keep track of orders. On our My Account help page, customers can learn how to create an account before shopping and how to update their information. We also tell you what to do if you received the wrong product or need to exchange a defective item.

Shopping, Pricing & Billing

Not only does Spycor Building Products keep prices affordable, but we keep shopping transparent. Learn about paying sales tax, how to get a copy of an invoice, how to dispute charges and much more in the Pricing and Billing FAQs. Our Buyers Guide explains how to find your way around the site and how to order gift certificates or use coupon codes.

The Expert Support You Need

We pride ourselves on making sure customers get the correct products for their project without a hassle. If you don't see the answer to your question here, simply call or email to speak with a representative.

How do I contact you?

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