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Delta Multi Band 60

DELTA-MULTI BAND 60 (ROLL)----- 2.36" x 82'

Dörken Systems Inc.
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In many roofing applications, tape is used to fasten roofing components together. To ensure lasting adhesion that holds up year after year in any weather, it's important to invest in high-quality tape specially designed for roofing applications. DELTA®-MULTI BAND 60 is a versatile tape with very strong adhesion. It is highly resistant to aging, and suitable for internal and external use. Composed of pure acrylic adhesive, the product is extremely flexible, making it great for roofing environments of all architectural styles. Highly adhesive, this product can produce a lasting hold for all types of roofing materials; however, it is specially engineered for use with all DELTA® air and water- resistive barrier membranes. Each roll is 2.3" (60 mm) wide and 82' (25 m) long. It is effective from -40°F (-40°C) to 176°F (80°C). Order your DELTA®-MULTI-BAND 60 Tape from our trusted suppliers here at Spycor Building Products.

DELTA®-MULTI BAND Premium Self-Adhering Tape


DELTA®-MULTI BAND is a premium durable tape that is an important component of complete DELTA® air and moisture control systems. DELTA®-MULTI BAND is made of a special reinforced UV-stabilized polyethylene (PE) film and highly aggressive solvent-free acrylic adhesive with an easily removed paper release liner. It is fully compliant with AAMA 711-13 Voluntary Specification for Self-Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products. Specially designed for use with all DELTA® air and water- resistive barrier membranes, DELTA®-MULTI BAND ensures optimal energy-efficient performance.


DELTA®-MULTI BAND helps make an enclosure system air and watertight. It adheres tenaciously to common building substrates and to all DELTA® membranes, making it an ideal component in an air and watertight wall, roof and foundation assembly. In addition, DELTA®-MULTI BAND is universal adhesive tape with very strong adhesion and is highly resistant to aging. Suitable for interior and exterior use, DELTA®-MULTI BAND is non-bituminous, solvent free, low odor, and suitable for LEED® rated projects by contributing to a more durable, sustainable and energy-efficient structure.


DELTA®-MULTI BAND is used to seal the interfaces between rough openings, for windows and doors. DELTA®-MULTI BAND contributes to the air and water tightness of the building enclosure by sealing overlaps (end laps and side laps) of DELTA® air and water-resistive barriers.

Keep your walls, roof and foundation sealed with DELTA®-MULTI-BAND 60 Tape, now available to order online here at Spycor Building Products.

Product name



White with red print

Tensile strength

2.67 N/mm (Breaking force) - PASS

AAMA 711-13 § 5.1 ASTM D5035-11 (2015) Requirement:

(0.5 N/mm)

Elongation at break


AAMA 711-13 § 5.1 ASTM D5035-11 (2015)

Water penetra- tion resistance around nails

Pass (Initial observation)

AAMA 711-13 § 5.2 ASTM D1970-13 § 7.9 Mod.

Pass (After thermal cycling)

900 peel adhesion

0.58 N/mm (over OSB) - PASS

AAMA 711-13 § 5.3 Requirement: (0.26 N/mm)

1.55 N/mm (over Aluminum) - PASS

0.89 N/mm (over Vinyl) - PASS

0.73 N/mm (over Plywood) - PASS

0.47 N/mm (over DELTA®- VENT SA) - PASS

Accelerated aging

2.04 N/mm (Peel adhesion) - PASS

AAMA 711-13 § 5.4 Requirement: (0.26 N/mm)

Elevated temperature exposure

1.88 N/mm (Peel adhesion) - PASS

AAMA 711-13 § 5.5 Requirement: (0.26 N/mm)

Thermal cycling

2.18 N/mm (Peel adhesion) - PASS

AAMA 711-13 § 5.6 Requirement: (0.26 N/mm)

Self-adhering polymer low temperature flexibility

Pass - MD No visible sign of cracking

ASTM D1970-13 Section 7.6 Requirement: (Must pass -180C)

Pass - MD Head of water test

Adhesion of self adhering flash- ing after water immersion

1.76 N/mm (Peel adhesion initial) - PASS

AAMA 711-13 § 5.8 Requirement: (0.26 N/mm)

1.40 N/mm (Peel adhesion after water immersion) - PASS

Resistance of self adhering flashing to peeling from itself

No - Peeling - PASS

AAMA 711-07 § 5.9 Requirement: Maximum edge curl: 13mm Maximum corner curl: 75 mm

No - Buckling - PASS

No - Rippling - PASS

0 mm - Maximum edge curl - PASS

0 mm - Maximum corner curl- PASS

Roll Size

2 1/2” x 82’ (6 cm x 25 m) 10 rolls per box

4”x 82’(10 cm x 25 m) 6 rolls per box


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jmci from Round Rock, TX United States
June 29, 2021
best product for sealing seams
wouldn't go with anything else. Good price and fast service with Spycor. Thank you!
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Alejandro Perez from San Francisco, CA United States
December 20, 2019
Multi band
Everything it's ok
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